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Hunt’em Out Pest Control Pty Ltd offers a full range of pest control services for commercial and domestic properties. We will help provide solutions for problems with:

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

    Before buying a home it is recommended you have us come in and do an inspection of the property to ascertain if there are any pests taking homeage anywhere. Our inspections include a report for timber pests (not a building inspection).
  • Termites

    You can discourage termites with these DIY tips:
    • Remember, termites are attracted to wood, so remove potential termite food away from buildings. Food can include timber stacks, old stumps, building refuse, garden decoration such as sleepers and logs
    • waste timber from construction activities is often left in place or stored under the house – remove all timber formwork
    • timber can be treated to prevent termite attack, and some timbers are naturally resistant - use treated or naturally resistant timber when it is in contact with, or close to, soil
    • termites are attracted to water, so fix leaking water pipes, drains, showers, sinks etc, plus capture water from air conditioning units
    • termites prefer humid conditions, so keep air under the house dry by improving sub-floor ventilation, drainage and access
    • termites use concrete slabs to move under soil to gain entry to your property therefore correct under slab termite prevention is critical. eg chemical soil barrier or plastic termite shields such as homeguard termite plastic barrier impregnated with approved termite control chemicals placed at all possible entry points.
    Our Termite Services include inspections, identification and recommendation.
    Termite control does require an inspection so we can understand your situation and give the best possible options to treat accordingly.
    • Pre-Purchase Inspection (Pre-Purchase Visual Timber Pest Report AS 4349.3-2010) all states & NT however not ACT. Before you buy a home we recommend that you have a termite inspection report prepared to make sure the property is not infested by termites or other timber pests.
    • Pre-Construction Termite Control AS 3660.1-2000 includes Home Guard.
    • Post-Construction (after house built) AS3660.2-2000 treatment methods include baiting systems and/or chemical control (drill and injection).

    Blind Termites
  • Cockroaches

    Cockroaches are a common pest in Australian homes. Like us, they take homage in places where they can easily find shelter, food and water. Cockroach proof your house by
    • removing all food scraps form the kitchen at night
    • covering any food left out with cling or placing it in airtight containers
    • Thoroughly clean all cooking appliances and food preparation areas and vacuum regularly in order to remove any eggs or food deposits.

    Cockroaches are known to carry a wide range of disease organisms both within their bodies and in their outer skins. They spread diseases, contaminate food and can cause unpleasant odours. Heavy infestations of cockroaches can also lead to malfunctioning of electronic and computer equipment. Our cockroach removal methods include the use of baits and gels and/or chemical application (spray).
    German Cockroaches are the more common species in Australia. The adult of this species is light tan to medium brown and measures 10-15mm in length. Wings cover the entire abdomen and there are two dark parallel stripes on the pronotum behind the head.
    The German cockroach is often found in kitchens, laundries and food processing plants they eat a wide range of foods however favour fermented and sweet materials.
    American Cockroach
    Australian Cockroach
    Smokey Brown Cockroach
    German Cockroach
  • Ants

    Ants are a common pest in and around all buildings. They find shelter, food, warmth and water in them and you will find them in roof voids, subfloors, in the kitchen along the edge of buildings and in and around pet bowls. These little critters spread diseases as they scavenge amongst garbage, pet excrement and many other unsanitary areas. Ants can also bite and sting and have been even known to create cracks in paths due to their excavations.

    A lot of Australian's don't realise that ants are a species with great diversity and each type of ant needs to be treated with different methods.
    Brown Ants The best control method for brown ants is to use baiting.
    Black Ants Black ants can be baited, however a spray chemical treatment is recommended.
    Working Ant
  • Snake Capture and Removal

    Please contact us for more information
    Black Snake
  • Spiders

    Australia is homage to some of the worlds most deadliest spiders; Sydney Funnel Web, Northern Rivers Funnel Web, Redback, the Mouse, Wolf, the Black House and White-tailed Spiders.
    Not only do spiders cause panic and alarm, they bite and cause pain. If a poisonous spider is sighted, the professional removal as quickly as possible is recommended.
    To remove spiders we offer direct removal and also chemical application. As an extra service we will also remove a webbing around the treated area.
    Black House Spider
    Funnel Web Spider
    Red Back Spider
    St Andrews Cross Spider
    Selenops Spider
    Trapdoor Spider
  • Silverfish

    Silverfish are a common pest that can cause damage, eat through wallpaper and cotton, ruin photos and books.
    You can treat them yourself with:
    • Mothballs
    • Lavender balls
    Our professional removal method is chemical application to the pests.
  • Fleas

    Fleas are most commonly advertised as being an annoying pest that irritates our pets. However, adult fleas need blood and they can feed on us as well as our pets. In the warmer months, they can multiply at an alarming rate unless a flea control plan is in place.
    Fleas bites cause skin irritation, itchiness and localised swelling.
    Our control methods for fleas is chemical application.
  • Flies

    There are many species of flies. The most common are the Common House Fly, the Lesser House Fly, March Fly, Bush Fly and Fruit Flies. Flies contaminate food with bacteria from their feet and stomach. Amongst other disease, they may transmit gastroenteritis, salmonela and urinary tract infections. The Common House Fly and Fruit Flies are attracted to UVA and green light where the Lesser House Fly isn't as much so an alternate control method is recommended.
    Blow Fly
    Bush Flies
    March Fly
    Common House Fly
  • Bird Control

    We all know birds nest, but sometimes they choose voids in our home and shop roofs which can result in bird lice travelling from the bird to us. There are many different problems associated with birds, so contact us for your personalised solution.
    We offer a number of treatment methods:
    • Chemical application (surface spray)
    • Locate and remove dead bird
    • Bird proofing
    • Licensed to shoot (if required)
  • Rodents

    Because our homes are a warm shelter with food and water, you will notice that rodent will appear more in the cooler months. They are dangerous as they can spread disease to humans, spread sickness via parasites, can cause physical damage to your home/building and can spoil and contaminate food.
    Some certain signs of rodent activity will include:
    • Greasy smear marks on walls or skirting boards. These are made when they rub their fur against them
    • Burrows
    • Sounds. Mice tend to squeak at night, and rats will make a clawing and gnawing noise.
    • Droppings
    • Nests. These are made from rags, paper and cardboard
    Our removal methods of rodents include: trapping and baiting
    House Mouse
    Norway Rat
    Roof Rat
  • Bees and wasps

    Bees and wasps are often considered pests due to their ability to sting, and some cases these stings may be fatal. Wasps are quite a good predator to have around as they feed on other insects around the home, however their presence often causes uneasiness.
    Our control method of choice is dusting of the nests at night as they are less active.
    Red Faced Mastic Bee
    Burrowing Bee
  • Possums

    Possums often make homes in trees, but sometimes they will find roof voids to live. They can carry lice and can leave excrements through the roof.
    We use trapping and baiting to collect the animals and release them.
    Brushtailed Possum
    Brushtailed Possum
  • Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs can cause distress with their feeding habits. They feed on blood at night when we are asleep. These bites may cause swelling and skin irritation and have been known to cause allergic reactions in people.
    The removal method we use is chemical applications. Depending on the seriousness of the pests presence, 3 applications may be necessary with bed big monitoring systems in place.
    Bed Bugs
  • Stored product pests

    Stored product pests such as weevils can be treated yourself by removing the affected products and cleaning any other areas you think may be affected.
    For a more serious infestation, our removal methods include pheromone traps and chemical application if needed.
  • Weed Control

    If your weeds are becoming a problem, please call us to discuss further

We offer expert advice on all realistic pest management solutions. It is our intention to offer a complete range of services and after consultation, offer the best chemical and non-chemical solutions to resolve the problem and satisfy your needs.

Call us today for realistic advice and well-priced solutions!

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